True sports enthusiasts and professionals of the uniform and apparel industry, we have what it takes to make your TEAM look like the pros !

For almost a decade, the BODYHYPE brand wins championships, see players graduate, feels the pain of a hard defeat, but always comes clean and ready for another competition, win or loose. The BODYHYPE uniforms stand tall and proud, making each athlete look like he belongs where he is, on the field, ready to compete.

Every uniform has a story and often it lays deep inside the one who created it ! Our task is to tell the story, to make it come to life through the people who wear them, and for the people watching, from the stands, on television or on your own You Tube Channel !


It shows values, it demonstrates character, it brings players and fans together, YOUR UNIFORM is what you represent; your school, your community, your city, your uniform is you !

At BODYHYPE we make every uniform according to your specific needs. We specialize in Football and Hockey, but also offer Multi-Sports uniforms such as Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Ringuette and all official coaches and side line apparel. Masters in the art of sublimation, we also build training gear and apparel that reflect the pride you have for you team uniforms on the field, but also while you are training.

EACH BODYHYPE UNIFORM IS GUARANTEED to meet your standards or we will replace it.

Our step by step ordering system is made to ensure that you can monitor the progression of our orders step by step and you will be required to sign on each of them, making sure the fit, design and personnalisation phases are according to your demands.

We are proud of our products but even more we are proud of our BODYHYPE TEAM, made of every athlete, every coach, every parent who proudly wears a BODYHYPE uniform or apparel to represent HIS TEAM !

BODYHYPE,  your preferred brand of  team Uniforms and apparel.