Movie Director Tristan Dubois is leading a group of very talented young actors in this new Quebec production that will be hitting the Box Office in the summer of 2018.

Producers Marc Biron and Sonia Despars were very specific about their request: We want to deal with a local company and we want the best there is to dress our football crew!

BODYHYPE is proud to be the official supplier for all sports garments that will be used in the shooting of this new motion picture.

“ We are so proud to be associated with Parallaxes, and we thank Marc and Sonia for teaming up with us. Tristan was very precise all over the process to direct our team to make his vision come true. No doubt he will be directing his movie with the same drive and passion.

“This is not Tennis, he once said. No one has to be exposed, and rely on their talent only to perform. Our production team and crew of actors is more like a family, a football club…”

Here you see Football consultant and former Alouettes and Grey Cup winner with the Toronto Argonauts Etienne Boulay reviewing the football scenes to make it a real hit.


Sneak peek pictures and making of,  will be available to BODYHYPE followers soon!

Stay tuned to know more about LA CHUTE DE SPARTE… coming soon.