About the brand

BODYHYPE is a brand that was built through the needs of the teams and organisations that we dressed.

Every club has a specific need, every school has a different request , every athlete has a different body, every league has different rules.

At BODYHYPE we can take your uniform, apparel and merchandise program to the next level

 What we offer

Logo and identity creation

Uniform design

Coaches and sideline gear design

Program management and

Merchandise and replica programs

Branding and image management

We also manage every aspect of the following :

  • Screenprinting, embroidery, twill, transfers and other decoration required on your selected garments.
  • Logistic and shipping for national and international programs ( Canada, USA, Europe )
  • Ponctual events or marketing initiatives
  • Co-Branding with local or national brands
  • Athlete endorsement
  • Complete sponsorship programs

We care about people and we bring their simple idea to life, BODYHYPE wants to become a global brand, with local roots !